Ruger Mark 3
Ruger Mark III

• Caliber – .22 LR
• Diameter – .97”
• Length – 6.95”
• Weight – 6.9 oz.
Internally Suppressed

Complete weapon. Weapon disassembles for cleaning.
Ruger® Mark III™ pistols represent the evolution of Ruger .22 LR pistols, continuing the legacy created by the Ruger Standard, Mark I and Mark II pistols, and yet incorporating many new engineering refinements. They are simple, rugged and affordable, making them a great value for any sporting purpose - whether target shooting, plinking or small game hunting.

With four different platforms, each with great variety and functionality, they boast the perfect combination of proven design and reliability. Features include: rigid barrel/receiver connection; automatic bolt-hold-open latch; comfortable, rugged steel grip frame; contoured ejection port; easy-to-grasp tapered bolt ears; and rigidly mounted sights for consistent accuracy. Simply stated, Mark III pistols offer the most versatility and value of any rimfire pistol on the market today.

The Mark III has been internally suppressed in order to provide shooting comfort while maintaining balance and accuracy. The fully suppressed Mark III is a pleasure to shoot. Learn more at www.ruger.com.
F.N. 5.7 X 28

• Caliber – 5.7-28
• Diameter – .97”
• Length – 5.5”
• Weight – 6 oz.

Suppressor only.
The flat trajectory of the 5.7 x 28 mm ammunition guarantees a high hit probability up to 200 meters. Extremely low recoil results in quick and accurate firing, either shot by shot or automatically. The Five-seveN® Tactical pistol can accept up to 20 rounds in the magazine. It also features a polymer receiver, which makes it 20% lighter than any traditional 9 mm pistol.

Well balanced, with smooth contours and no protruding parts, the Five-seveN® Tactical pistol will instinctively be handled correctly and is extremely easy to use. It features an ambidextrous manual safety that blocks the trigger mechanism and avoids any accidental shooting. 

It also comes with a Picatinny rail for add-on accessories (e.g. visible or infrared laser, tactical light). The detachable suppressor adds another dimension of performance to the tactical and self-defense weapon.

To learn more about the 5.7X28, go to www.FNherstal.com
Police department tactical silencers
SP/22 Cal.

• Caliber – .22 LR
• Diameter – 1.0”
• Length – 5.25”
• Weight – 3 oz.

Suppressor only.

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